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Technical Product Manager
3 months$70/h31 August 2020
The Product manager will lead a multidisciplinary team of Developers and designers to build a advocacy platform from ground up. You will coordinate tasks, understand/ coordinate API integrations and make sure the team stays on course and is not blocked along the way. Close communication and reporting with the project manager is required.
Track record of technical product management. Computer science background is preferred. Europe based is preferred.
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Full remote iOS Position
6 months$70/h24 March 2020
Take ownership and have an impact on the product Assist the product team with shaping the product’s vision Be part of one of our agile, cross-functional teams (mobile, backend, QA, design and product) Be involved in designing and implementing new product ideas Analyze current state of the codebase, propose architectural and technological improvements, automate processes and scale the iOS team Take full ownership of building apps from architecturing to coding, testing and publishing Work side by side with designers to create scalable UIs Coach and mentor fellow engineers Constantly learn, improve on your skills, share knowledge and adapt to industry-wide best practices, processes and conventions Experiment on pure engineering tasks that can improve the team’s day-to-day life
3+ years of native iOS app development experience Expert understanding of the Apple ecosystem and UIKit building blocks Passion for Apple platforms Understanding of Agile development methodologies Detail-oriented, focusing on writing maintainable and testable code of high quality Experience in developing apps with Swift and Objective-C Experience with iOS architectural patterns (MVC, MVVM) Experience working with RESTful APIs PR and code reviews expertise A strong sense of ownership in your work Experience with testing (Unit/Integration/UI Automation) Experience in version control and source code management platforms (Git, Github) You stay up to date on the latest technology, trends and keep yourself informed about best practices during app development Have a positive mindset, be proactive and a team player
Senior Software Developer Full Remote
3 months$70/h21 March 2020
Developing front-end web (React/Redux) and mobile (React Native) architecture. Developing server-side web application architecture and logic (Ruby on Rails API). Architecting Databases (PostgreSQL) and data IO from 3rd-party APIs. Optimizing User Experience across web and mobile platforms Ensuring responsiveness, performance, and scalability of applications Designing and developing APIs Participating in the overall application lifecycle while focusing on coding and debugging Collaborating with Technical product leads and front-end developers Defining and communicating technical and design requirements Training, helping and supporting other team members Building high-quality reusable code Developing functional and sustainable web applications with clean, readable code Troubleshooting and debugging applications Learning about and integrating new technologies Staying up to date with current best practices Conducting UI tests and optimizing performance Collaborating with a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, and entrepreneurs Participating in conferences and educational programs
Entrepreneurial drive: we regularly create, develop, and work with startups and Fortune 500 companies 5+ years of experience as a back-end developer In-depth understanding of web development 5+ years of experience with one or more programming languages such as Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc. 5+ years of experience with a CMS framework 5+ years of experience with HTML, JavaScript, CSS 2+ years of experience with React (ideally with Redux) Critical thinker and problem-solving skills Team player with an attitude of “leaving the campsite better than we found it” and “we’ve got each other’s back” state of mind Good organizational and time-management skills Participation in regular project stand-ups even with potential time zone challenges Meet project deadlines The ability to effectively communicate with peers, superiors, and stakeholders. The ability to make rational, logical decisions and the ability to defend them to your peers, superiors, and stakeholders.The humility to understand that they are not the smartest person in the room, and that a person can learn from anyone The ability to take responsibility for their work and their mistakes.
Full Remote iOS engineer at US company
3 months$90/h19 March 2020
Work with remote mobile team to design and implement features Develop automated tests for the iOS application Fix bugs and improve performance Participate in the definition of new mobile features and experiences
BS degree in Computer Science or the equivalent hands-on experience iOS mobile app deployment and management Source Code Control (Subversion, Git) Team player with a track record in developing high-quality software in complex technology environments Excellent verbal and written communication skills Experience with gathering and documenting technical requirements and specifications
Full Remote Android Developer for US Company
3 months$90/h19 March 2020
Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability Stay up-to-date with new testing tools and test strategies Translate high fidelity wireframes to produce stellar UI Optimize applications for maximum performance and scalability
Experience with Java and the Android SDK Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON Experience with third-party libraries and APIs Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies Proficient understanding of versioning tools, such as Git and GitHub
Full Stack JS Developer at Material UI
6 months$100/h11 February 2020
Help guide architectural decisions. From modernizing the way we handle styles to building new components, the future of Material-UI is discussed and planned in our public RFCs and issues. You’ll be helping drive these conversations and guiding Material-UI toward the best possible solutions. Contribute to deep, meaningful refactors and feature releases. Material-UI is a complex codebase. Components we’ve shipped recently, such as the Tree View, Autocomplete, and Slider have required weeks of dedicated, careful work. Reduce friction. A large amount of the work on Material-UI is reducing friction and making it easier to use. This might involve careful API design, identifying and fixing top bugs, creating easier to understand error messages, and writing documentation and blog posts about features you ship. Collaborate with the community. Many small as well as meaningful fixes and features have been contributed by the community. Your role as a core team maintainer is to draw the best out of the community — to inspire those across the world to create and contribute through your reviews of their issues and pull requests. Experiment and play. Great, unexpected features and heisenbug fixes have come from a number of sources — relentlessly methodical processes of elimination, free-flowing team collaboration, inspiration by adjacent libraries and projects, and difficult-to-explain individual strokes of brilliance. Whatever your preferred style is for creating new things that others might not have thought of, you’ll find a welcome home on the team.
Expertise in the modern JavaScript ecosystem. Material-UI is built on the shoulders of giants, making use of technologies such as ES2015+, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Next.js, webpack, and Babel. A track record of demonstrating an eye for design and solving real world user problems. If you have a knack for shipping beautiful, intuitive software, we want you on our team. Experience building and shipping production code in a team setting with a passion for writing tested, performant, and high-quality code. Strong written and verbal communication skills. As part of the team, you’ll interface both directly and indirectly with community members and enterprise customers, and contribute to user documentation. Clear communication is fundamental in creating intuitive and compelling resources. Ability to dive into complex problems. You should be able to quickly assess, understand, and iterate upon aspects of our codebase. Ready and willing to ask and answer questions. If you’re comfortable saying you’re unsure, asking for help; but equally reaching out to assist others, you’ll be an incredible addition to our team. We thrive because of continuous learning. First time mistakes should be celebrated, not blamed. Avoid monolithic deliverables. You scope and stage your work into well-defined milestones to ship. Past work with frontend infrastructure. Perhaps you’ve created your company’s design system, written a babel plugin, or written complex React components. It would be great if you could address this in your cover letter!
3 months$80/h1 March 2020
You demonstrate the Frontastic platform (architecture and functional scope) and participate in follow-up sales meetings to discuss and finalise technical questions with our customer tech teams and/or CTOs You take responsibility for all technical questions in the sales team You perform hackathons and proof of concepts workshops together with partners and customers You educate and empower developers who want to build on Frontastic through technical content, including sample applications, presentations and blog posts You give customers support in the development of the overall architecture including other involved systems and the migration strategy You develop convincing customer-specific answers in the technical part of requests for proposal and specifications You may speak at meetups and conferences You may speak at meetups and conferences with a focus on Germany
You reside and work in Europe You have good writing and communication skills in English Speaking German is an advantage (but not necessary), as we currently have a large share of German customers. You’re an experienced software developer, you have written and deployed a production application more than once. Experience with React, Atomic Design Patterns and Service Oriented Architectures are a plus. You understand that there are always trade-offs between different software architectures and are able to discuss requirements and solutions without with openess and respect. You’re experienced in the e-commerce field You understand customer requirements and problems and are able to translate them into product features You can relate technical benefits and constraints of a platform to business requirements and are willing to embrace problems by non-technical shareholders and incorporate their requirements. You have an open and honest personality with a good sense of humour and a confident appearance You’re good at networking and getting in touch with others quickly You have a well-structured working style and are used to managing many projects at the same time.
Full Remote C++ Developer in Berlin or Remote
3 months$80/h1 February 2020
Work exclusively on open-source software Rich and collaborative learning environment – we offer lots of opportunities and possibilities for your further professional development Join our international and multicultural team of best in class specialists Stay in the loop with the latest academic research at the forefront of technological developments Full-time or freelance contracts Competitive compensation, market rates apply An attractive working location in the centre of Berlin, one of the trendiest, most affordable and appealing cities to live in Europe Remote work from anywhere within a European time zone is also an option
Degree in a hard science, e.g. IT, engineering, mathematics or equivalent Professional C++ expertise as well as sound knowledge and experience in other programming languages In-depth experience in language design, compiler implementation or formal systems would be a plus A GitHub account with a proven track record of open-source project contributions would be a great advantage Strong mental alignment with the Open Source and/or Free Software movements Strong communication skill and ability to work in teams within lean start-up environments Ability to work in pair programming, critiquing and responsive to constructive feedback. You take self-responsibility and initiative and possess a can-do attitude Solution and goal-oriented, resourceful while still keeping a flexible mindset Cross-cultural expertise is a clear plus, experience in working with international teams across various time zones Motivated by constant self improvement and innovation
Kubernetes Software Engineer
3 months$90/h1 February 2020
You will work in a multifunctional agile team, either remote or on-site in Berlin, to develop and maintain tools and products which make using cloud-managed and on-premise Kubernetes installations easy. You will be involved in refining work and contributing to decisions throughout the software development lifecycle. Our teams are distributed around the world and we use video conferencing and slack extensively. So we’re looking for someone with experience and a self-starter with excellent communication skills. The position is full-time on a freelance contract and your contractual partner will be our UK or US entity. Stock options are part of the compensation package.
Strong engineering background and experience with Agile (we do Scrum / LeSS) Strong Golang background Experience in building highly-concurrent, distributed, and highly-scalable systems Devops experience with one or more public cloud providers (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure) Kubernetes experience, standalone and as part of the public cloud providers A meaningful track record on Github Strong communication skills and a team-first mind-set Ability to work unsupervised and also to coordinate with others when required For remote: you need to live in the European Union, CH, NO or UK due to time zone overlap and the requirement to fly once in a while to our office to meet your coworkers
Gameplay Programming Freelancer UE4
3 months$70/h1 February 2020
Development of mechanics, features and tools for Game Design & Level Design Documentation of Gameplay mechanics, features and tools Performance profiling and optimization Investigation and fixing of bugs
Deep knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 Strong knowledge of Unreal blueprints Strong knowledge of C++ Organized and structured work-style in code and blueprints Experience in writing complex systems with easy interfaces for integration and tweaking Understanding of user-friendly design for tools and systems Capable of quickly finding and fixing reported bugs Openness to learning and teaching skills Ability to work on given feature-sets The studio language is English Nice-to-haves